VFX and Compositing Services


Compositing and digital visual effects can transform a problematic scene in a good one, a good scene on a perfect one and a boring scene in an exciting one. A few years back this was really expensive, but as the technology became more accessible, using alternative software, a fully digital workflow, and cloud computing, it is now more and more within the reach of independent filmmakers, small producers, and micro-budget productions. But technology isn’t everything. Compelling and seamless effects are the product of the artist behind the effect. I invite you to watch my short reel and read the description of the 3 examples you can find in the footage. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and an estimate with a complimentary 2-second Standard Definition test footage.


For this project the director wanted the microphone removed in 24 sequences, I did it tracking the motion to seamlessly integrate and deform a simulated shirt, masking the body parts that overlapped with the mike and animating the shadows.





For this shot, I tracked the camera movements, added the footage, simulated the scanlines and electronic lights. To better integrate, I rotoscoped and masked the surrounding areas to add refracted lights. This scene is part of the short film’s ending.






With little to no budget to do it, this short action scene is an exercise in compositing, adding muzzle flashes, smoke effects, debris, and impacts.

As we were using toy guns the muzzles have been replaced with a more realistic digital counterpart for close shots.

If you need my services, please contact me and submit your project or idea. I will be happy to help you with your footage, offering you a free of charge test if I evaluate it as technically achievable with my workflow.