After being forced to drop Social Sciences at Lausanne University, I graduated as Comic Designer in Milan in 2005. The following 10 years I worked as Comic and Video Artist, Scriptwriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Art Dealer, and Publicist, until 2013 when I closed Rabbitrevolver, my agency in Lugano, to devote myself to my children for a couple years.

Returning to a full-time job, I pondered on the direction my work would take, and I decided to commit completely to filmmaking. I already have many years of visual communication in my experience, with highlights like a 3D short film I made in 2008 for the SSPSS educational institute and a Star Wars parody (“A Battle in the Sky”, that spread remarkably on the web at an international level). Being aware of my know-how extent, I spent a year self-teaching as much as I could to deal with the gaps in my formation, and gathering the necessary experience to work as a professional, and at this moment I’m advancing that career.

In the meantime I made many mini documentaries, video advertising campaigns on the web, including, but not limited to, VR, timelapses, short movies and viral videos that allowed me to better understand the complexity of the AV technology, workflow, and media languages new frontier.